Fan Mail: Weir’s friends and supporters demonstrate how they really feel about witch hunts and personal attacks.

Greta Berlin is telling people I was kicked out of Los Angeles Women In Black because of supremacist statements I allegedly made. Note where she refers to a Coven I apparently belong to. This has been a repeated attack by Berlin and some of her associates.  This is an allegation that she makes repeatedly when ever my name comes up.

!. I was never IN L.A. WIB, I did try to do some coalition work with them but didn’t appreciate their undemocratic methodology so I stopped working with them.
2. She must be referring to some whisper campaign because this is the first I heard about it.
3. I demand to see my dossier because I’m sure they didn’t kick me out of an organization I never joined, without SOME documentation.
4. Apparently it IS okay to be divisive and decide not to work with someone, just not some someones.
5. And apparently “supremacist” ideas and statements are legitimate reasons for the decision not to work with someone?
6. So what make Alison so special? We ALL work “tirelessly” and “painstakingly” and many of us don’t even demand a paycheck for our efforts.
7. She may have me confused with Yael Korin, who did split with L.A. WIB. I know how hard it is to tell all us JOOOOOOs apart.
8. Note where she says I’m part of a coven. So witch hunts are apparently okay too? 

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About emmarosenthal

Emma Rosenthal is an artist, writer, educator, reiki practitioner, farmer and human rights activist, living in Southern California, whose work combines art, activism, education and grassroots mobilization. As a person with a disability she is confined, not by her disability but by the narrow and marginalizing attitudes and structures of the society at large. She is the founder and co-director of The WE Empowerment Center and Café Intifada, and she lives and works at Dragonflyhill Urban Farm. As an educator her emphasis has been in the areas of bilingual and multicultural education. Her experience as a grassroots organizer, political essayist and speaker has been life long and has included many progressive causes. Her work seeks to combine art, activism, education and grassroots mobilization. Her poetry and prose is impassioned, sensual, political, life affirming and powerful. In her writing she explores the use of art and literary expression to elicit an ethos more compelling than dogma and ideological discourse, providing new paradigms for community, communion, connection and human transformation. She has been a featured poet and speaker throughout Southern California at a variety of venues and programs including; The Arab-American Festival, Highways Performance Space, The Autry Museum, Barnes and Nobel, Poetic License, Borders/Pasadena, Beyond Baroque, Freedom Fries Follies (a fundraiser for The Center for the Study of Political Graphics), KPFK, Arts in Action, Chafey College, UC Irvine and Hyperpoets. Her work has appeared in several publications including Lilith Magazine, The Pasadena Star News, The San Gabriel Tribune, The San Gabriel Valley Quarterly, LoudMouth Magazine (CSLA), Coloring Book; An Eclectic Anthology of Multicultural Writers (Rattlecat Press 2003), Muse Apprentice Guild and the Anthology, Shifting Sands, Jewish-American Women Speak Out Against the Occupation, Spring 2010. Her work has shown in several galleries in the Southern California area, including the Galleries at Whittier College, and Pasadena City College, as well as Beans and Leaves Coffeehouse in Covina, CA.

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