Delta Gives A Whole New Meaning to White Flight

Beyond the Adam Saleh case: A pattern of abuse

By Emma Rosenthal
Even pranksters get to fly, but you might not know that from the twitterati, replicating the “he asked for it.” argument, and the Zimmerman defense of white fear. (Yes, I know Zimmerman isn’t white, but he was functioning within whiteness when he attack on Treyvon Martin).
There’s no evidence that Adam Saleh was pranking on this flight. By all accounts he was speaking on the phone in Arabic to his mom. Even Delta’s statement reveals that it was the sheer number of people who were “uncomfortable” that resulted in Saleh’s removal from the flight. As he left, Saleh videotaped his expulsion and the white passengers were clearly visible mockingly saying “good bye” and waving. But if people were so scared of him, what explains their ridicule of Saleh as he was escorted off the flight? That’s not how terrorized people act. That’s how racist bullies act when they get their way because of power and entitlement.
This is the same airline that didn’t let a Black Dr treat a distressed patient (that is, the patient was unresponsive and the flight attendant told the Dr that they needed a “real doctor.”
This is the same airline that let a very boisterous white dude go on and on about Trump and called people “Hillary Bitches” in a manner I would find frightening.
If speaking in Arabic or someone counting to 10 in Arabic (one of his actual pranks but not conducted on that flight), can provoke someone to hysteria, if someone is THAT easily trolled, they deserve to be. Trolling only revealed their racism, only revealed them to be the threat that they are, informed by their racism. Racism is systemic terrorism for the targets of racism. Racism is entitlement and power in the hands of those privileged by racism.
This doesn’t mean other antics by Adam Saleh don’t warrant critique, as some are pointing out otherwise racist and sexist antics of his in other contexts, but if he passed security to get on the flight and wasn’t threatening anyone and his only disturbance was speaking to his mom on the phone in Arabic, then it’s outrageous people are now defending the white bigots on the flight who “didn’t feel safe” or the airline that condoned those ugly white feelz.

Links, notes and context:

2. And she’s not the first Black woman doctor, Delta Airlines passes over, risking customer safety, yes, this actually has happened before (for those naive enough to think racism is a one time thing.)
Discrimination 30,000 Feet Above
3. Delta apparently doesn’t think Latinas can be doctors either. (Can we call it racism yet?– and if you need a white witness, with medical credentials, i apologize that the witness is just a woman (doctor), but she’ll have to do.)
Yes, There IS a Doctor on The Plane. What I Learned at 30,000 Feet.
4. And this whole Muslim family was moved TO THE BACK OF THE PLANE instead of the abusive disruptive (white) passenger.
Delta Investigating After Muslim Woman In Hijab Was Allegedly Harassed On Flight

And then there was this dudebro:

5. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather sit next to Adam Saleh than this bigoted dude, any day. I know which one scares me more!
Trump Supporter Calls Passengers “Hillary Bitches”
6. Eyewitness account by the woman who filmed the shouting white dudebro:
‘It’s Going to Be Viral!’: Eyewitness Says Passenger Told Her to Tape His Pro-Trump Rant
I used to be a flight attendant. Dealing with passengers’ racism is part of the job.…
8 .So apparently several white passengers felt uncomfortable with Saleh speaking Arabic (and apparently ending a conversation with his mom, with the common phrase “Inshallah”- God willing), and they STARTED the commotion and told him to “speak English”, which is racism 101. As a former classroom teacher I heard too many times how the target of bullying was the problem due to the number of bullies instigating the abuse, or expressing “concern” and “discomfort”. It doesn’t matter how many people are “uncomfortable” if the reason for their discomfort is their racism and bigotry. At what point can we demand that racism is the threat, not the perceived threat the racists experience in their racist minds.
Delta responds to YouTube star Adam Saleh’s Arabic discrimination…
9. And here are a few other cases of Delta’s history of discrimination, including confusing a breast pump for a bomb.
Is Delta Racist? Adam Saleh And 4 Times Flight Passengers Reported Discrimination
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