Emma Live! Contacting Emma Rosenthal for Publication, Speaking Engagements & Production Work


Emma Rosenthal is included in several anthologies, but rarely submits work for publication, opting instead for self publication. If you are interested in including something she has written or created, including her artwork and photography, please contact her. She is very open to solicited offers to publish her work.

Speaking Engagements Poetry and Spoken Word:

Emma Rosenthal is available to speak on a variety of issues: education, human rights, U.S. foreign policy, Middle East Politics, American Jewish Politics, Racism (including antisemitism), gender equity, grassroots organizing, the arts and social transformation, food justice/ urban farming, home sharing/ sharing economy/ alternative economies, and multiculturalism.

She is also available as a featured poet/spoken word artist at poetry readings and cultural programs. Her poetry is impassioned, sensual, political, life affirming and powerful. In her writing she explores the use of art and literary expression to elicit an ethos more compelling than dogma and ideological discourse, providing new paradigms for community, communion, connection and human transformation.

Production Work:

Emma Rosenthal is a producer of arts and literary events and is in contact with a variety of artists and activists. In addition to her own programs, she can assist in arts and educational program formation.

Emma Rosenthal

818-404-5784 (Text message for a quicker response)

emmarosenthal18@gmail.com or emmanations@gmail.com