Policy on Comments

Comments represent the positions of the persons who made them and are not the point of view of Emma’s Room or Emma Rosenthal.  In the interest of open discourse, I approve the vast majority of comments I receive, even if I believe their points of view are different from my own.  I do have some guidelines:

1. No spam.  I don’t publish “comments” that are links to products with no relation to the content of the post or the blog or that are opportunistic shameless plugs for other efforts.

2.  Comments must include a working email address and the persons making the comment must identify themselves.  At that point I will send an email to the sender(s) to confirm that the comment is actually from the email address it uses, that the email address is viable, and not a temporary address for the purpose of sending harassing hate mail and that it was not sent maliciously from the email address of someone else, but rather, truly represents the point of view of the stated sender.

3.  The comment must contribute to a greater understanding of human rights, including disability rights.  This doesn’t mean that the commentator agrees with us, but rather (and often quite the opposite) that the issues raised, allows for greater discourse on the issues covered in the blog, sometimes, unfortunately by demonstrating the very real negative and bigoted attitudes we are up against as we fight for a better world.

4. In placing the comment on our blog, the commentator(s) understand that I will in all likelihood, respond to the comment with critical analysis, and that they are visitors in my house.

5. Violent or veiled threats, or statements that may be in violation of server use policies, and pornography, will not be tolerated and will be reported, as will hate speech, that goes beyond the value of public discourse.  In many cases these statements will not be published.

6. While I will publish all comments that meet this criteria, unlike the left, and the mainstream media, comments to this blog must, like letters to the editor, be limited to 200 words.  If you have more to say, write your own article on your own site or in the left or mainstream media.

7.   If this seems unfair, start your own blog.