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    • Is my photography page, Including Photographs of Los Angeles.
    •  includes the blog: Day by Day: A Blog in the life of a community urban farm and center I am the principal blogger for that page.  DragonflyHill Urban Farm is my home, my workplace, my community and the seat of my activism. I maintain a few blogs; the baggage of enforced respite and chronic illness.  I literally have lots of time on my hands, the consequence of a disability that leaves me physically limited but usually intellectually quite limber, and while there are days when I lack the strength to sit up in bed or raise my hands to access the keyboard, most of the time I am able to click away. That said, since the advent of social media that allows for more intuitive and immediate interaction, my blogging has diminished. in many ways, Facebook has replaced much of what I did in blogs. Though I do post to my blogs when I have something more formal to report.
      • In Bed With Frida Kahlo. It is named after disabled activist and artist, Frida Kahlo, whose life story, including her strengths and weaknesses; gives me fortitude and insight.   This is a very personal blog about my struggles with DISability and the massive discrimination that accompanies it.  It includes diary posts, recipes, poems, art work, photographs, daily indignities and other musings.
      • Café Intifada blog, which is a bulletin board of events and articles of interest to artivists and other activists.  I also include poetry, art, commentary, photos etc. It is the official web page of Cafe Intifada, the organization I head up. You can also find Cafe Intifada on Facebook.
      • Emma’s Room, which is contained in this web site, and  publishes my completed, more formal writings; mostly essays.

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