Virginia Woolf, After whose quote about a room of one’s own, this web page references, had her own press. Would we even know her writings today if she had had to wait for the approval of an established publishing house? The internet has made self publishing so much more accessible to so many more of us. This is an amazing resource and one of which I take great advantage.

For the most part, I self publish online. Occasionally I will send work out for a specific call or anthology. Otherwise, my formally published work has been by request.

If you are a publisher (big or small) who would like to include my work in a project, page, book, anthology of yours, please contact me at



Spectrum: An Anthology of Southern California Poets
Spectrum Publishing 2015

Spectrum 140 SOCAL POETS


Edited by Don Kingfisher Campbell


Dreaming In Public: Building the Occupy Movement
World Changing Press 2012

Shifting Sands: Jewish American Women Confront the Israeli Occupation
Whole World Press 2010

Edited by Osie Adelfang with forwards by Amira Hass and Cindy Sheehan, and contributions Emma Rosenthal, Hanna Mermelstein,  Tomi Laine Clark, Starhawk, Alice Rothchild, Hedy Epstein,  Sandra Butler, Kim Goldberg, Maia Ettinger, Anna Baltzar, Linda Dittmar and Susan Greene, isnow available from Cafe Intifada.
Available from Cafe Intifada, by appointment, or at tabled events.  or by mail order.
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Coloring Book, An Eclectic Anthology of Multicultural Writers
Rattlecat Press 2003

coloring book cover


Edited by boice-Terrel Allen


Periodicals and Journals

Silver Birch Press
Where I Live, Poetry and Photography Series

Gold Rush (poem and photography)

Lilith Magazine  Vol. 25.4, Winter 2000-01

lilith coverJewish Chicken Soup By Emma Rosenthal




Stories L.A. Jews for Peace  Personal Stories of Jews Who Dare to Speak Out

Collected and Edited by Marcy Winograd

Arabic Internet Media Network  AMIN   November 8, 2005

Emma Rosenthal has also been  a regular contributor to  LOUDmouth Magazine, and The San Gabriel Valley Quarterly


Emma’s Room: A blog of essays, stories and images
¡Cafe Intifada! -Uniting Art With Critical Consciousness
In Bed With Frida Kahlo

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